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Our firm represents clients accused of all crimes, including: D.U.I., sex crimes, drug offenses, assaults, computer crimes, all theft offenses, and all other crimes.

Our goals are to avoid jail whenever possible, protect our clients' records, and get the best possible results. Our responsibility to our clients is to make sure their rights are protected, they're treated fairly, and the case is resolved successfully. If you're facing charges, you have questions you need answered now. Call us or contact us for a free, no obligation consultation today.

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Practice areas: Arson | Assault | Burglary | Child Pornography | Credit Card Fraud | Criminal Trespass | Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol | Drug Charges
False Reports | Hit and Run Accidents | Homicide & Manslaughter | Indecent Assault | Indecent Exposure/ Lewdness | Perjury | Rape | Receiving Stolen Property
Recklessly Endangering Another Person | Record Expungement Services | Robbery | Sexual Assault | Stalking | Terroristic Threats | Theft | Underage Drinking